Safety is #1

Any amusement ride or inflatable that is to operate in Ontario must be licensed by the provincial Technical Standards and Safety Authority(TSSA).Suppliers must provide a copy of their license to operate, insurance, permit per device and recent government inspection. Being licensed however should only be looked at as a starting point. Superior Events is the industry leader in ride safety. Management is NAARSO certified as a Certified Amusement Ride Safety Inspector. (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials)

Trust Event Experts

We’ve provided more event amusement rentals than anyone else in the province. Founded by Harry Kloda, Peter Gismondi and Evan Aranoff, Superior Events Group Inc. boasts over 100 years of experience creating lifelong memorable events. In addition, our team has worked in all facets of special events giving us the expertise to help you wherever needed. Company Co-Owner Peter Gismondi is on the TSSAAmusement Device Safety Advisory Council of Ontario.

The WOW Factor

Be memorable by making a huge impression at your next event! Eye catching inflatables and fun event rentals are our specialty. Special Events are our passion, and we pride ourselves on our creativity and attention to detail. Let us show you what makes us the best at what we do.

Size Does Matter

It is important that you are taken care of before the event as well as during it. Make sure the company has aSupport Staffcapable of handling multi client days and all the upfront legwork to ensure a successful event.


We put you in the driver’s seat. No two events are the same. We give our customers the flexibility to create a package that’s right for them. Helping our clients create memorable events while preserving their budgets is one of the things we excel at.

Inventory Selection

Look for both a large and diverse selection for all ages attending. Do they have a large list of different items to choose from to ensure that your event is customized to fit your guests’ tastes as well as your budget or are you dealing with a company that pushes their limited stock on you? Choose an event rental company that stocks high-quality, well-maintained equipment.

Site Survey

Does the company come to your event location and do a check for proper layout, site plan, electrical requirements and more? Many events are made up of several complex moving parts. We will work with you to make sure our services fit within the overall structure of your event as you see it to make sure all the logistics come together.


In event rentals, as in most things, you generally get what you pay for. You should expect exceptional quality in your rental equipment and service, at a fair price.

Compare Apples to Apples

Make an informed decision when selecting your amusement rental supplier. Websites, pictures and prices may look attractive, but make sure the rest goes along with that. Visit the office and warehouse facility of the event company to ensure they have the operation that they claim to have. Superior Events employees a Full time year round staff. Smaller operators hire all staff seasonally putting events at risk. We guarantee the best products at the best prices.

Anyone Can Promise. We Deliver.

Some companies talk about great service; many fail to deliver. Whether you contact a company, a courteous and knowledgeable staff should be happy to assist you with your event rental needs. Uniformed delivery personnel should arrive in clean trucks, and work with you in a courteous and professional manner.At Superior Events, we deliver on our promises.